Herbal Teas

HERBAL TEAS: By Maria Sparsis & Shelley Adelle

Inspired by the Chakras. Available through Tea and Chi. Shipping Available


First Chakra: Base Chakra Dandelion root: detoxification, kidney support, digestive health Raspberry leaf:: strengthens uterine muscles, regulates menstrual cycle Ginseng: an adaptogen, which means it increases resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress and builds energy and general vitality Nettle: Supports the kidneys and adrenals, skin, source of iron, calcium and folic acid Ginger root: digestion, cooling, anti-inflammatory Carob: High in B vitamins, rich, chocolate note Roasted Barley: cleansing and rehydration Naturally caffeine free.

Second Chakra: Sacral Plexus (spleen, liver, bladder, sexual organs) Calendula: Used for ulcers, gastritis. Anti-inflammatory. Fennel: Used for anemia, indigestion, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, colic and respiratory disorders Anise: digestive, restores equilibrium, helps with irritability, helps with colic and heartburn Blackberry Leaf: Boosts immunity Coriander: used to treat digestive disorders such us indigestion, nausea and colitis Ginseng: an adaptogen, which means it increases resistance to physical, chemical, and biological stress and builds energy and general vitality Horsetail: Bladder and urinary tract support Milk Thistle: protects and cleanses the liver Rooibos: anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory. Helps relieve stomach ulcers, nausea, constipation and heartburn. Naturally caffeine free.

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus (muscles, stomach, digestion, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, metabolism, nervous system) Ginger: Warming herb, Used to improved digestion and reduce inflammation Marshmallow: Mucilaginous, Used to soothe tissues, aids in hiatal hernias, controls bacterial infections, boosts immunity on the cellular level Lemon Balm: Calms and promotes relaxation Cinnamon: relieves flatulence and nausea, aids digestion, Cloves: promotes enzymatic flow and boost digestive function Mullein: Used to sooths, relieve inflammation and promote cell repair Thyme: Warming and astringent. Used as an antiseptic and antifungal and to improve digestion. Naturally caffeine free

Fourth Chakra: Heart (lungs, heart, circulation, thymus, endocrine and immune systems) Lemon Grass: Antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Used to provide a boost and to allieviate nervousness Hawthorn Leaf: Used as a heart tonic and to adjust blood pressure as well as to stimulate the immune system and fight infection. Hawthorn Berries: Used to aid with cardiovascular complaints, hepatoprotective properties. Blueberry Leaf: Used for it’s vasoprotective properties, to improve circulation and control blood sugar levels. Safflower:Used to clean and invigorate the blood in eastern medicine Ginger: Used to prevent heart rhythm irregularities Naturally caffeine free

Fifth Chakra: Throat (mouth, teeth, throat, immune system, thyroid) Lemon Verbena: Anti-spasmodic, helps strengthen nervous system, expectorant Cloves: Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-spasmodic, eases cough Coriander: Used to prevent mouth ulcers, aid digestion, prevent anemia, regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol White Tea: Used to protect teeth, improve mouth health and boost immunity

Sixth Chakra: Brow Chakra (eyes, vision, nose, central nervous system, pituitary gland) Bilberry: Used to protect eyes and improve vision Rosehips: Used to treat flu and colds Mullein: Used to treat cough and laryngitis Rose petals: Antiseptic properties, used to treat colds and sore throat, Carrot flakes: Used to improve eyesight Alfalfa: Used to nourish the pituitary gland Naturally caffeine free

Seventh Chakra: Crown Chakra (pineal gland, pituitary gland, central nervous system, cerebral cortex) Peppermint: Used to positively influence mind and emotions Chamomile: Used to relax and fight anxiety Lavender: Used to ease irritability, depression, anxiety and tension headaches Kava kava: used to increase mental awareness Passion Flower: Used to treat irritation and restlessness Naturally caffeine free

Good Evening Tea: Blackberry, strawberry, lime tree and blueberry leaves, birch, hibiscus, passion flower, peppermint, anise, chamomile, mallow and marigold. Just have a cup and go to bed!