Home Practice Prescriptions

So what is this Home Practice Prescription thing all about?

It is about feeling VITAL both inside and out!!

Each Home Practice Prescription is created utilizing a combination of Kriya, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation weaving together a personalized daily regime that targets your goals, meet your needs as they evolve, and delivers accuracy through step by step instructions and check ins.  Something you can work on in the comfort of your home or on the road that is sustainable and transformative.  A Home Practice Prescription is more that just a generic fitness practice, it becomes part of a holistic approach to health!

Step One: Email Survey

Step Two: Receive your Home Practice Prescription



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Each Home Practice Prescription is meant to be practiced for 40days. After your initial week I will check in to make sure any of your questions or concerns have been answered then after that I encourage you to reach out to me as needed. At the end of your 40days we will do a check up to review your progress and to see if any adjustments need to be made. From there, you have the option to continue as prescribed or to sign up for an additional prescription.

  • OPTION 1: Includes initial survey & email w/recommendations & tips. ($25)

  • OPTION 2: Includes initial survey & Personalized 40Day Course. ($45)

  • OPTION 3: Includes initial survey, Personalized 40Day Course + a Recorded Guided Meditation. ($65)

  • OPTION 4: Includes initial survey, Personalized 40Day Course, Recorded Guided Meditation + a Video Demonstration of your Home Practice Prescription ($85)

Get Started Today!!!  shelleyadelle@gmail.com

This all sounds great, right? So what do my students have to say about me?

“Shelley has evolved in her yoga practice to the point where she can break all the rules. She no longer serves the ideal of “yoga” but brings all of the strength and power of her practice to serve the needs and desires of the humans she teaches. Shelley is a light and an inspiration. If you are lucky enough to work with her you be challenged in the most healing and freeing ways. You will feel your body and your being more. You will feel life more. Shelley’s devotion to live in the moment and beyond the expected results in an irresistible love affair with life. If you desire the kind of happiness that comes from personal integrity blended with loving and intelligent living, then this is the teacher for you. If you simply desire health and serenity you will not find a better guide. Enjoy.”-  John Ellsworth, Massage Therapist: http://www.turcica.com/

“Shelley is a healer as well as an excellent yoga teacher. She teaches a sweet flow which challenges and allows the body deepen.  You are lucky if you are in a Yoga class that Shelley is teaching!”- Krissy Shields, Actress, CYT, RYT, Mom: http://krissyshields.com/

“If you are looking to work with someone who will offer you 100% of her enormous heart and compassion, you can do no better than to work with Shelley.”- Stacey Sperling. CYT, RYT, Mom

“Shelley’s radiance and positive energy can pick up the spirits of even the bluest of the blahs.  She brings with her a working knowledge of the body and how it wants to open and blossom from the inside out.  Her yoga classes are filled with accessible asana, invigorating pranayama, and yummy restorative poses that leave her students feeling renewed with awareness and blessed love.  Om Shanti, Shelley!” – Lori McAlister.  CYT, RYT http://www.loriyoga.com/

“Shelley Adelle is a light in the world. Her thoughtful sequencing and use of meditation technique, along with her sometimes very humorous imagery, makes her classes run the gamut from deep introspection to belly laughs. We miss her BIG in the Big Apple, Take good care of her Florida.” – Erin Moon YRT Vinyasa Yoga Instructor http://msmoonyogiactor.blogspot.com/

“WOW!” – Annie Scott.  Actress, Playwright, Blogger http://www.anniescott.org

“Shelley Adelle is a one-of-a- kind yoga teacher, infusing abandon into wisdom, and enlightenment into play. Expect to come into a class with Shelley and emerge touched, transformed and evolved.  She is a teacher of asana and beyond.”  -Johanna Aldrich.  Director at Illumina Yoga http://illuminayoga.com

“Shelley’s wisdom, silliness, overflowing love, absolute confidence and pragmatism make her an ideal teacher. You will always come away from her your encounters with her wiser, happier, energized and well cared for. She will open not only your body and mind, but your soul and spirit. Where ever Shelley is, is lucky to have her.”  – Jennifer Whinnen.  Mom, CYT, RYT http://www.joyandcosmickarma.com/

Im thrilled to start working together & cannot wait to see all the progress we will make!!!